Course & Consumerism

So I made a list of what I consider to be “essential” in terms of our trial period of purchasing nothing but what we really need. During that time, I’ll determine what sort of things come up and if I need to add anything, plus for how long (indefinitely would be ideal but most likely impossible) we’re going to do it. Three months? Six months? Two years?
And, of course, on the list is also what I think is unnecessary. I also ended up with a “questionable” column, including high speed Internet access. In an attempt to consume less gasoline, I try to take as many courses online as possible. But since I’m now in the 300 and 400-level major classes, I’m having trouble finding a lot. In fact, I only found one: Writing for the Web.

Unfortunately, I still have to be on campus four days a week (the online class isn’t even offered on campus, so it doesn’t matter for this semester), so I’m trying to decide which is better for the future: taking as many classes online as possible and saving gas, or getting rid of high speed Internet and going with either dial-up or utilizing the Web only at libraries or school.

God, that sounds so archaic. I can’t believe how American and spoiled I am.

One other non-essential on my list is the $30 per month Charlie spends on the gym membership he rarely uses. Of course, I could never talk him out of paying for it. In his opinion, it is a necessity, whereas I tend to think you may as well go for a bike ride, a jog, or do some yoga. If you want to lift, go pick up some furniture and vacuum under it. Try telling him that. HA!

My Web site is most definitely a waste of money. It serves no purpose as I’m neither a Web designer nor a famous blogger who can use ads to pay for the site. I also don’t have a resume posted on it. Hence, the name “vanity” for the pages. I have this blog, a flickr account, and access to other free sites that I can use to share photos and information if I’m so inclined. So, if you access my blog via my Web site, you may want to bookmark this instead as it’ll probably be coming down soon. I’m putting a note in the index page right now.


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