Beating Them Off With a Stick

Charlie has more job offers right now than I think anyone I’ve ever known has. Five total, if you include the two he has and what they want him to take on. The craziest part is, two of them have never met him before. There are a few people who come in for coffee in the mornings who run their own remodeling businesses strictly in Meridian Kessler. One of the guys is about our age and he and his wife work on trim and moulding just in this area. The other one does everything; kitchens and baths, carpentry, electric, you name it.

The first guy gave me his number the other day, which I passed on to Charlie. They spoke yesterday and the guy wants him to start doing interior trim as soon as possible. He offered the same as Charlie’s old boss, Kevin, the guy he plans on going back to this summer. The catch is that he would have to work a lot on the weekends to make up for the lost income from being general manager at the nightclub. He comes home from work on Fridays, takes a nap, we eat dinner, and I usually go to bed about the time (if not before) he’s leaving to go to the club. He closes on Fridays, so we pass one another as I’m leaving for work. When I get home from work Saturday mornings, he’s getting up and we usually have the rest of the day together. He’ll work again Saturday nights, going in about 9:30, but getting home (and, hence, up Sunday morning) a bit earlier.

It puts a dent into our social life, to say the least, but we both try to look at is an opportunity to have a better life together in the near future.
Here’s the lowdown: I’m going to school in the hopes that I can get a better-paying job with more opportunities, and he’s working more so I can get my degree. I did the same for him when he was finishing his undergrad three years ago. I choose (and am often asked) to work Saturday mornings because I can get up, walk the dogs, feed them, and be at work while he’s sleeping. As much as I’d like to get dinner with friends or go to a show on the weekends, I value my relationship enough to make that the first priority. So I try to work my schedule around his. It blows, but with as much as people seem to be in need of reliable help around here, he might manage to eventually quit the club, even if Cavan isn’t paying rent.

But another catch is that I still need health insurance. I’m down to just a handful of cavities and replacing the first crown I got last summer, but we absolutely could not afford this without MetLife. If he were to quit the office job just to take on a couple of carpentry jobs, we’d be screwed.

In my defense, I never asked any of these guys to hire Charlie. It just came up in conversation. The second guy saw me struggling with a Bostitch set of nail guns at Lowe’s last Christmas and helped me out, asking who I was getting it for. When he came in a few days later, he asked if my husband was looking for work. I said not really, he was planning on going back to school in the fall of 2007 (he isn’t anymore, though – school is on hold until he can figure out what the hell he wants to go for) and was already working for another guy. Today, though, the guy mentioned it again. I told him what you already know; dental insurance, blah, blah, blah. Plus, he’s got a bonus coming from surpassing his sales quota. There’s no way you could talk him into leaving before that check comes unless you doubled it.

I don’t doubt at all that Charlie could quit the office and nightclub jobs today, go back to work for Kevin and the two guys from this area, and still make decent money. The reality is that none of the three guys will probably pay him enough, individually, to match his current income. All three together, with Charlie working 70 hours a week, sure, no problem.

Like I said, they brought it up. I hope it’s not stressing him out too much, that he doesn’t think he’s somehow missing out on any opportunities because of my former dentist phobia. He could just put in his two week notice when the bonus check comes, but he’ll probably have to stay at least a month. I promised I would make only first-available appointments at the dentist and that I’ll get it all done ASAP. I’m going in today at 2pm and will make yet another appointment after that.


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