We were picking up a graduation present for Cavan around 3 this afternoon after I got off work when my mom called. I assumed she was calling to thank me for the Mother’s Day flowers I’d had sent yesterday. I answered the phone and it went a little something like this:
“Do you think you guys are going to make it out?”
“Out where?”
“To your grandmother’s.”
“Ummm . . . today?”
“Yes. I sent you an email about it around noon.”
“Noon today? I didn’t get off work until after noon and we left straight after that. I haven’t checked my email.”
“Oh. I mean I sent it around noon . . . the . . . other day. When I got a card from your grandmother about it. Tuesday?”
“I didn’t get any email any day this week about it. Sorry.”
“Well. Do you think you guys are going to come out? We haven’t eaten yet.”
“Well, it’s three now. The dogs go for a walk in an hour and eat at 4:30 and it’ll take us a while to get out there. So, no. Sorry.”

She also told me that my grandmother had “tried to call” but my phone was “disconnected.” I’ve had the same number for over four years. In other words, everyone forgot to tell us about a dinner at my grandma’s. The interesting part is how my mom and dad were here on Tuesday and we’d gone out to eat with them. If she’d sent me a message about dinner then, why hadn’t she bothered to let me know about when we spent a few hours with them?


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