Guilty Pleasure

I worked late to cover for Matt so he would switch with me next Thursday. I need to be at the dentist at 2pm, which is when I was originally scheduled. Closing with Annie should have been reason enough since she doesn’t take any tips, but I guess he needed an extra incentive.

When I got home I cleaned Charlie’s office area (I’m a dutiful wife. Or really anal. Not sure which), the downstairs, and started some laundry. Then I went to the grocery and picked up some stuff to make chicken with basil pesto and fettuccine. Cavan called at one point to see if I could find his Spanish professor’s phone number. Apparently, she not only suggested he apply for the program teaching English in Spain, she also promised to give him a letter of recommendation necessary to apply. She has yet to follow through and his application is supposed to be postmarked to D.C. by Friday.

By the way, did you know Cavan’s applying to a program to teach English in Spain? Unfortunately, he also signed another lease with us through June of 2008. I’m trying to not make any comparisons to anyone else that’s lived with us, because Cavan isn’t conniving, two-faced, deceptive, co-dependent, desperate, and a liar.

So, anyway. When I got home I rewarded myself with a salad from Sunflower Market and too many chips. Organic, low-sodium, and low calorie, but still too many. I turned on the new (working!) cable and got sucked into . . . well, this is sort of embarrassing, but “Monster In Law” was on the HD station and Jennifer Lopez’s bum was so crisp and clear. Of course, as with many silly, romantic comedies, this one is coming to an uncomfortable climax. I don’t like it when sitcoms and your average Ben Stiller flick get all crazy and nerve-wracking. It isn’t fun for me anymore.


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