Entertainment Center Update

So, in conclusion from yesterday, everything’s been taken care of. We don’t have an entertainment center, but Charlie was able to get his money back. He’d left one last voice mail with Laars, the owner of the store, last night, stating that if he didn’t hear anything by 10am he’d have his bank cancel the charges, file a complaint with the BBB, and, if necessary, we’d see him in court.

He gets a call this morning, only this time Laars claims he’s the warehouse manager, not the owner (his name is plastered all over everything inside the store and the saleswoman verified that the number Charlie called was, in fact, the owner’s cell phone). He said the center never got delivered last night because the truck driver’s mom was sick. He would have personally delivered it to us, himself, but his driver’s license is expired.

This whole thing has been very shady and really weird, but at least the saleswoman Charlie spoke with this morning was really nice. She asked him if he wanted to reconsider getting a refund and he said he would, because we really like the entertainment center, but he was worried that, if it ever did get delivered, he’d find out it was missing instructions, or the wrong color, or damaged, or missing pieces. In which case he’d have to box it all up and take it back. So she offered us a discount on the unit and said they would deliver it, put it together, and he wouldn’t have to pay a dime until it was all set up. He said he’d think about it.

The thing that sucks is that they’re moving a few stores down, closer to the Trader Joe’s, and they’re marking stuff down up to 50% or 60% off. Not that we need another couch, but they have this charcoal grey sectional sofa that I luh-uh-ooooove. I wouldn’t pay what they were asking for it, especially after all of this, but if the saleswoman is true to her word and we can actually just pick up the stuff that’s in the store with Charlie’s truck, I’d think about it.

I just don’t want that douchebag Laars getting any of my money.


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