Four Molars Up!

The other day I tried Googling the endodontist I saw this afternoon and found him on a dentists’ rating Web site. You have to pay to read the reviews so I was a bit disappointed. In that case, if LiveJournal text shows up in Google searches, I want to put the word out there about Dr. Thomas Nasser, DDS, Endodontist, at 8802 North Meridian Street Suite 205 in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was sharp, clever, incredibly fast, easy-going, and funny. I swear I would not lie to you about this — when I got the first set of shots I did not feel a thing.
One other time in my entire life have I been pricked with a needle and not felt it. It was a Navy doctor giving me a physical, who said he’d count back from three and I could brace for it. When he got to two, he said “Okay, it’s done.” I looked down, and there it was. Ta da!

Dr. Nasser gave me a hard time about being so nervous and joked that I was going to freak him out if I kept tensing up. Then he made fun of me for curling my toes. I have a habit of clenching every muscle in my body so that I don’t move and allow myself to move only my feet. He saw it and I was embarrassed.
He also asked me to please continue seeing my current dentist and, under no circumstances, should I return to the person who gave me my first root canal.
The procedure (and it was a whopper!) took all of 35 minutes from start to finish and was nowhere near as nerve-wracking as the first. I hope someone out there in Indy is looking for a good root canal-er and goes to see him.

I’ve got some throbbing and a bit of a headache now. It’s been three hours since I got home and I would like to eat something but I’m a little numb. I’ve been nursing a Naked Juice and tried a piece of cantaloupe, but my jaw is so sore from being cranked open that it hurts to chew.

I have an appointment to see the dentist a week from today to get fitted for my crown. My only hope is that I don’t max out this dental insurance. If nothing else, I’m just going to have to ask for every last cent of possible student loans and apply for every grant and scholarship I can.

Speaking of which, I also have an appointment to see my advisor on Wednesay. Luckily Cavan doesn’t have to be on campus until much later in the day so he’ll ride with me and I can use his parking pass. Woot.


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