You Flyboys Are All Alike

The subject of this post happens to be the subject of a junk email I received earlier today about some sort of male enhancement pill. Usually I just automatically delete everything in there any pay no attention, but this one caught my eye and made me laugh.

I was also on the verge of laughing really hard and/or crying really hard this morning at work. It was crazy-busy, what with the weather being nice and everyone heading out to walk their kids/dogs/selves early. It was light out as I walked the dogs this morning before 6:30 so I knew we were in for a busy Saturday. The crying part came in after the owner arrived in the middle of a rush to ask that we make pan after pan of muffins, cookies, and other pastries for the Stutz opening this weekend. We also needed to brew a handful of large pots of coffee, get them a bunch of brownies, tea, mix for blended drinks, and I-can’t-remember-what-else. Luckily, our closer showed up on time and jumped in, as well as another employee helping out when she was just there for a drink. In other words, it took five of us to handle the order, on top of our regular customer rush, which would have normally just been three of us.

After trying to help the World’s Most High-Maintenance Woman Ever (and her eleven year-old daughter), I had to go stand in the back room for a minute and take a few breaths. I couldn’t even begin to explain her “very special request” for her daughter and herself without making you angry for wasting so much of your time today. For a moment I felt tears welling up and thought I might start pounding on something to feel better. Then I just started laughing because I imagined the woman’s poor, pathetic husband and how it must be for him to deal with these two people on a daily basis. I bet he works a lot.

Charlie and I planted some more flowers and plants on the ledge, plus we put up the art we bought at the Herron print and ceramics sale yesterday. I really liked a lot of the ceramic work, but the things I liked most were out of my budget. Instead we bought one of Sarah’s prints, a girl playing with her cat (which sounds weird, but it’s cute in my office), a huge, long, dark, kind of sad Holocaust-themed print for the hallway upstairs, and one other really detailed piece for the living room. It’s a wooden man standing on someone’s hand and is slightly creepy, but every time I look at it I notice something different. Charlie picked that one out, so I was happy he found something.

Cavan bought a print of a skull that we all kept referring to as “that guy’s skull print” until I looked at the signature and realized it was a young woman’s work. We all felt very sexist afterwards and kept over-compensating for the assumption by saying “But her work seems very masculine!” She had some amazing things for sale, but most of it was upwards of $100.

We also have a yard sale planned for next Saturday and every time I think about it I have to talk myself back into having it. I’m really not thrilled about spending my first Saturday off in about three months getting up at 6:30 to have people paw through and haggle over my crap. But we really do have a lot to get rid of; end tables, a coffee table, the entertainment center, shoes, clothes, knick-knacks, a bike . . . I can’t remember what else. Putting all that up on CraigsList just does not appeal to me.


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