There are so many things going on right now that I don’t even know what to comment on. Paul Wolfowitz giving his girlfriend a $200k a year tax-free job? Yawn. Don Imus? Old and tired. Work, school, my dental appointment next week, celebrity gossip? All of it seems really trivial in light of the shootings in Virginia on Monday. But I really don’t want to be the eleven millionth online journal talking about that tragedy or politics.

Instead I want to point out one thing I noticed today. It’s another kind of tragedy that you’ll either find humorous or horrifying if you didn’t already know. While flipping stations in a pathetic attempt to avoid doing homework, I saw a scene on Jerry Springer with two women in wedding dresses yelling at one another. My phone rang so I put the TV on mute and answered my cell. When I turned the volume back on, the women were still screaming, but a boxing ring bell went off and both women went after each other. I kept watching in fascination as they were pried apart. A few seconds later, the bell rang again and the women, again, attacked the other.
I could comment on the state of the world when something like this is considered entertainment. Or how two grown women could be conditioned to fight each other on national television like Pavlovian dogs. But I’ve spent so much time poring over shitty programs and psychology articles for this research paper I’ve been writing on anti-feminism in reality TV that I’m just sick of thinking about it all.


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