Still Waiting . . .

It’s almost 7pm on a Saturday evening. I got home from work a little after noon. Charlie wanted to leave immediately to get some cat food and litter, dog food, and some deodorant. We stopped at Lowe’s for some grass seed and to check for battery-operated outdoor lights (we can’t ever seem to find a house with a good front porch that also has an outlet for lights. And I love fun outdoor lights). As we were driving up Keystone to hit Target he started griping about how many more lunch hours he’d have to spend at dealerships. We have a limited amount of time to use the check that he had shipped from USAA for purchasing a car with their financing.

This went on for a few minutes and eventually turned into an Onion article headline: “Area Wife Offers to ‘Just Stop By’ Car Dealership.” By the time we pulled in to the Toyota dealership it was just about one in the afternoon. By the time we left it was almost 5:30. We were sent to get food because neither of us had eaten much and I was beginning to worry about the dogs getting their own dinner. There had been the usual amount of pointless haggling over how much we’d get on the Santa Fe. We’d gotten down to the look-just-pay-it-off-and-we’ll-pay-the-sticker-price which still kept us on top.

The good news is, we found a car we really want. It’s a 2006 black Toyota Matrix XR. I like it because it’s got high gas mileage and storage, plus plenty of space for the dogs in the back. Charlie likes it because he thinks it “looks kind of mean for a wagon” and it has cruise control and a sunroof. This is, apparently, a high selling point for him. It also has a docking area for satellite radio which I don’t think we’ll ever use.
But the bad news is, I haven’t heard a word from him and it’s almost seven. I’m pretty sure the dealership closes at six on Saturdays, so this bodes well for us. If he’s still there, it’s because he’s working out kinks.

Wait! Holy shit. He just drove up the new car! Now I can say “Trinity! Get in the Matrix!” How long before that joke gets old?


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