Back in My Day . . .

I had the CD player on shuffle as I was going through my daily blog roll and most-frequently-visited Web sites. First Depeche Mode’s Violator came on as I was logging on to MySpace to read a message. Then I noticed my hair in the photo I currently have on there. I realized it was pretty much the same style I had in high school. Thick, shoulder-length, dark hair that was parted on the side and hung down on one side of my face. Of course, I don’t actually wear it over my face now; I’m not trying to prove my angst to the world. Most of the time it’s just in a ponytail. And I don’t shave the sides and back all the way up past my ears. But, still. It’s eerily similar. Only this time I didn’t do it on purpose. I’ve just refused to get it cut and this is the result.

Before that I plugged in my 60GB external hard drive to back up everything since I’ve been having problems with the screen on my laptop. That took me back to the first PC I sort-of built. I couldn’t even tell you the speed of the processor, but I remember it had a whopping 16MB of RAM and I might have had a one gig hard drive, but I doubt it. I’m sure at that time I was oohing and aahing over the idea of that much space. I think I also saved up to get an external 12x CD drive. Only the best for me!
When I got the external hard drive at Fry’s the other day, I saw a terabyte for $600. I also saw a 1GB portable USB memory card that was smaller than my house key for $16.99, a DVD burner for fifty bucks, 2GB of DDR memory for under $200, and a 40-inch LCD screen TV for under a grand.

I used to walk a mile to school uphill, both ways, in the snow, and we were lucky to have a Tandy personal computer with MSDOS, 256K of memory, and take summer courses in Turtle.



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