Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It sounds like everyone’s got projects going on at home. The Spring Design Bug has bitten. Katie and Dave are fixing up their bathroom, Scott and Jay are designing their yet-to-be-built fence, and we’re signing at least another two year lease. In that case, all the things I forewent doing this past 11 months I’ve started thinking about.

Renting is somewhat liberating because you don’t feel obligated to do much if you don’t want to. If something breaks, we just call the landlord or pay for it ourselves and send him a receipt. He’s pretty cool about taking everything off the rent.
Then again, you want your house to be a home. Since we haven’t decided if or when we’re buying in Indianapolis (I can’t even decide on whether or not I want to go to grad school right after I get my BA), we thought maybe we’d personalize things a bit around here. Other than some area rugs, artwork on the walls, strategic placement of an ottoman, and planting a few small flowers, we haven’t done anything since moving here. Charlie and I agreed on three projects.

First we’re going to tear up the backyard and plant some lilac bushes (I saw some already starting to bud on sale yesterday) and maybe some peonies. We’re also going to price sod. Since our back area is so small it probably wouldn’t be that expensive to throw some down. I doubt the landlord would reimburse us for that, but both of us said we didn’t care. The dogs hang out back there and I’m sick of perpetually wiping off eight huge muddy feet.
Plus, seeding week after week to no avail has gotten really old. The front yard is in great shape and gets plenty of sun, but the back and side are pretty sad.

Second we’re going to paint just two accent walls in the house. Charlie picked out the yummiest shade of orange that I think would go great in the living room. I might use it in the bedroom, as well. If that goes over and we’re not sick of painting (the ceilings are over ten feet tall so I’ll be irritated with the job), I have a buttery yellow for the kitchen that I might want to slap on.

Third we’re going to redesign some old furniture. We were talking about having a yard sale in about a month. We still have a ton of stuff that’s been slowly replaced over the past year or so and we don’t know what to do with it. Since I’m pissed off at CraigsList right now, I’m not going that route and I don’t have the energy to negotiate the price on a crappy end table or an old chair. Just take it!

Then again, Sarah, my assistant manager, has some friends who had an apartment fire last week and lost everything. I feel so terrible about it that I just want to give them everything I have. They have two dogs, both of whom survived, but one is in the vet hospital with some burns. How awful that must have been. So if they need some temporary (or permanent) furniture, dishes, and clothes, I’m willing to give them everything I have. In light of what happened to them, trying to make a profit at a yard sale just doesn’t seem important.


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