The American Dream

My initial excitement over the discovery of a straight iron has faded. Either I’m too violent with it or it’s just way too hot and is breaking off my hair. The entire right side of my head looked mildly poodle-ish after a session with the straightening iron this afternoon. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong as the previous attempts have been rather successful.

A friend from work – sort of our district manager – applied for an internship with a local monthly publication but didn’t receive it since she had to work a certain amount of hours in their office. She already has a full time job (and plays in an orchestra). However, they did offer her a position as a freelance writer. She said they were still looking for an intern and gave me a heads up. It’s definitely something I’d be interested in if I could work it into my schedule.

Two things I’ve discovered about myself lately: I can be really lazy and I’m a huge control freak. Okay, maybe not “lazy,” exactly. More like happy just being at home. Although things are going really well right now I tend to get overstimulated pretty easily. It frustrates Charlie because he constantly wants to be doing something. But you can only go out to eat or the movies so many times in a week before you’re just flushing money down the toilet. I need to find new hobbies, or at least focus on the ones I have. Part of happiness, I think, is finding meaning in the moment, in each thing you’re doing. I think the Scientific American Mind article called it “flow.” I’m pretty good at finding it throughout the day; when I’m cleaning the bathtub, I’m really cleaning it. When I’m doing dishes, I’m not worrying about the future or past. But I’m not looking for “flow” in housecleaning. Perhaps something slightly more meaningful.

So I think I’ve figured out what I want to do with my life: be paid to work from home. I’m going to guess that’s a pretty popular goal. I don’t mind if I have to make trips to do interviews, food or movie reviews, or check out a new store or something for an article. As long as it’s on my terms. But I think my main goal is going to be finding a way to be an instructor for online courses and writing freelance. I know it’s probably not a lot of money and it won’t be easy to get those kinds of positions, but it’s something to think about. Getting a few articles published will be the first goal. Then we’ll see if I can make something happen.

Which brings us back to the lazy part . . . So maybe I’ll just cross my fingers that I’ll win the lottery?


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