Happy Consumer

It’s been a beautiful past two days. This is where I’m sitting right now – on the right. The outdoor rug was a gift from Annie and the cushions were on clearance at Pier 1. I may not be taking any time off to enjoy my spring break, but as long as the weather stays above 50, I’ll be happy. Second to autumn, this is my favorite time of year. It’s been cold and the heat’s been drying out everything in the house, including my sinuses. After a few bloody noses, I’m ready to open the windows and let in some fresh air.

I celebrated the change in weather by splurging on an all-new living room. We bought the Gigantic Green Couch when we moved in here last April, and, thanks to Turbo Tax Deduction Maximizer, we’ve been able to decorate in a way that makes our house feel like our home.

I don’t think, in all my adult life, I have ever owned two things that “match.” Although I struggle with those issues of materialism that go along with just being a Consumer, I have to admit that it’s nice to have two things that come from the same place. And I don’t mean Goodwill. And as much as I like my stuff having character, personality, and age, there’s something to be said for new, quality furniture that will last. I broke my old coffee table. When Trinity was a puppy she used to sit under it and chew on the wooden rungs that ran across the bottom. Over the course of the past eight or ten years I’ve owned it, I’ve put all sorts of weight on it. It finally snapped under the pressure. So we splurged. I bought the coffee table and Charlie bought the end tables. They go with our entertainment center pretty well, which you can’t see in this photo. You can, however, see the imprints from several butts and hundred-pound dogs on each seat cushion.

I was just reading this article in Scientific American Mind last night about how hard it is for about two thirds of the population to be happy. It’s just genetic. A small amount of people are genuinely happy all the time. But money, a better job, bigger house, better car . . . None of these things actually help anyone to find some sort of long-lasting happiness. It’s more about a single moment of joy in a, hopefully, life of contentment. I guess that’s what the living room has done for me today because, for the most part, I think I’m feeling pretty good about things.


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