Work to Live

I feel silly. Everyone was so nice to respond to my last post and butter me up, but I really wasn’t fishing for compliments. I was flipping channels last night and came across a program that followed a woman around a cosmetic surgery center as she got various things done in preparation for her wedding. She was, at most, 30 years old, and she was having things like Botox injections and chemical peels. The most I did to prepare myself physically for my wedding was buy a new lipstick that’s supposed to last a long time. It didn’t.

Which brings me to my next thought . . .
I’m also glad to know that some people aren’t all gung-ho about the idea of our getting divorced, but I do agree with that if we were to go through with it, we would definitely get media coverage. Otherwise, what would be the point? At first I thought it would be enough to just hand over the paperwork to various representatives and go “See what you made me do?” But then I thought it would be important for more people be aware of what was going on. I realize it wouldn’t make that great a difference. A few uber-liberal married couples might consider it, but in the long run I doubt anyone else would go through with it to take a stand.
It’s still something we’re considering, if only because letter-writing, petitions, and protests don’t feel like “enough.”

In other news I am now taking all my courses online this semester and will not be taking any more through Ivy Tech after. I’m done with it. Even though it means I might not officially be a junior upon my transfer (back) to IUPUI, I don’t really care. If I take two or three classes in the fall so I can afford it, then that’s what I’ll do. They’ve raised tuition yet again, so I think we’re both going to take classes on campus just twice per week and try to be there at the same time so we can save on gas. I like the flexibility online courses afford me enough to see what I can get, but Charlie doesn’t think he’d do very well, so his will all be on campus.
In that case I also think I’ll either try to get as many hours at the coffeeshop over the summer as I can (which might be difficult if our other college student, Carly, comes back from college), or I’ll need to look for a second part time gig.

Cavan’s kinda-sorta put in his notice to move out. He told me the other night that he’s “done with Indianapolis” and wants to move back to Minneapolis. I understand how he feels and I think it would be good for him. I was under the impression that he wanted to move back in with his folks once he graduates in May, get a job, and save money to move. When I asked him about it, though, he said that wasn’t his plan. “What are you going to do to save money, then?” I asked. “Get a good-paying job, I guess,” he replied.

My first reaction was one of slight panic. How are we going to cover his portion of the rent with both of us being in school? How can we afford the car payment? Will we have to trade in the Santa Fe for something a lot cheaper? Are we going to have move again? Is the landlord going to give us any sort of deal if we sign a two-year lease? How are we going to find another place that allows all our pets (this landlord didn’t even charge us a pet deposit, which is unheard of). But Charlie and I talked it over on Sunday and I realize it’s not as bad as I’d thought.

Despite the fact that we don’t really need this much space (1,700 square feet, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an office, a breakfast nook), and despite the fact that utilities are a bit high (10-foot ceilings and all-hardwood floors aren’t exactly energy-efficient), we both want to stay. I am not interested in moving again. I’ve moved almost every year for 14 years, not including when my dad was in the Navy, and I’d kind of like to stay in a safe, quiet neighborhood, in a home I love, with neighbors I like, having a job that’s a block away. It just doesn’t make sense to move.

Besides, I realized we’ll have more money in a few months. My credit consolidation plan will be paid off before Cavan moves out. I pay about $300 a month, which is his share of rent and utilities. So I’ve got that covered.
If we trade in the Santa Fe for a pickup truck that Charlie can use while doing woodworking, we could save another hundred or more per month. My biggest fear is just making up the difference between what Charlie makes at his full time job and what he’d be getting from the GI Bill. I think he only has one year left on it, but about two years left to complete his second Bachelor’s degree. Longer if he takes just a few courses each semester.

I think it’ll be fine. A bit tight, but worth it. To be completely honest, I’m ready not to have a housemate anymore. The money stuff worries me, but when doesn’t it? Making sure the dogs are taken care of worries me, but when doesn’t it? I know Charlie hates sitting behind a desk in an office every day, and the fact that he’s in sales – two things he said he’d never do in his life. I think he’s done a great job saving money and making sure we won’t struggle too much and I know he’ll be so much happier. And that’s what really matters.


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