Missing Out

I'm kicking myself for not going to the rally that was downtown yesterday. At the point we should have been there, I was staring down the crack of the cable guy's ass as he was supposed to be fixing our ghetto digital cable box. He wasn't supposed to show up until sometime between 2 and 4 (and we assumed it would be even later than that), but magically appeared around 12:30 to say he'd be in the area sooner than expected. We had to rush home because Cavan was already late for a test in one of his classes.
The best part is, not only was it a complete waste of time and we missed being a part of something much bigger and more important than cable, but the f-ing thing still is not fixed. We cannot pause, rewind, or record television. So, what we're being charged over a hundred bucks a month for, I have yet to figure out.

Charlie and I have talked about getting a divorce and presenting the paperwork to our so-called “representatives,” telling them that if they want to classify marriage as a “holy” union strictly between a man and a woman, we don't want any part of that.
Only problem is, in the state of Indiana you have to be separated (and show proof of living apart) for, like, six months before they'll grant the divorce. As much as I want to take a stand, I don't know if we can afford it. Dammit! If we hadn't done it in the first place and this amendment passed, we would be just as screwed as everyone else because it doesn't just affect gay and lesbian couples – it affects every couple in a committed relationship who aren't legally married.

Then there's the whole if-it-passes-should-I-move-out-of-the-state-or-should-I-stay-and-put-up- a-fight?

Even more so are all the obnoxious and ignorant comments on the IndyStar Web site regarding the rally. And, of course, all the articles and news pieces I've read got the numbers wrong. Some say 200 people, others say around 300. From what I understand, there were 400 seats, all of which were taken, plus another hundred or so folks standing around.


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