Strip Your Way to Fitness

By the way, today was gorgeous! The snow was finally starting to melt, it was forty-some-odd degrees, and we might get up to fifty degrees tomorrow. How nice is that?

Despite my previous post about all things materialistic, I do sometimes appreciate the simpler things in life. Which makes a bad seque into my next thought . . .

I got a copy of Carmen Electra's “Fit to Strip” DVD. Don't laugh; it's supposed to really help with cardio workouts. Plus, you know, you can strip better. Besides, some of us aren't content with idea of watching our pants sizes grow. [Insert incredibly catty remark about someone I know who cares very little about her weight and appearance and would rather eat her way to happiness/misery than do anything to help herself.] I haven't watched it yet. I'm just starting my third week of 30-45 minutes of yoga per day and want to ease into the more strenuous exercise. That and I don't want anyone to be home when I do it.

P.S. Other than the four smokes I had Saturday night I haven't had any for over two weeks. Woot.


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