Snow Day

It was a snow day for everyone but me. I had to drag my ass out of bed at 6 this morning and would have trudged through ten inches of snow if Charlie hadn't gotten up and offered to take me to work. Despite the fact that I never wanted to buy a SUV, we do have four wheel drive, so I felt safe during the block-and-a-half drive. By the time he picked me up at eleven there were balls of ice falling down the back of my coat and into my shirt as I ran to the car.

The dogs love this sort of weather and we all took them out into the front yard where they attacked one another, ran through the snow, bounced around, and got generally soaked.

I dozed on the couch for a bit while the dogs were sacked out on the floor and then got up to snack and clean.

The cable company showed up at two this afternoon to hook up our digital cable, then Charlie had to be on the phone with them for about thirty minutes to find out why none of our high definition stations were coming in through the digital box. Despite the fact that someone could come out today in the middle of an ice storm/blizzard, no one can come back to flick a switch and let us see our HD channels until Monday.

Regardless, we had a nice, lazy day.


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