The Storm on the Century

It took me a pretty long time to get used to all the customers who come in every morning. There are still some 30-something white guys who I can't tell apart. To be honest, they all look the same to me.
Otherwise, the minutiae has really been getting to me. I realize that these people and I do not share a great number of connections: they're, for the most part, wealthy, career-oriented, serious Republicans. Some are yuppies, but most probably are not. So what else do they have to chit-chat with me about other than current events? I only wish they would find something different to talk to me about, or maybe just say hi, how are you, thanks, have a good day.
All I heard all morning was weather, weather, weather. It's not like I didn't have this conversation with Annie when I got to work, because I did. But I can only have it so many times before I want to scream “We should get out of here before we all get killed!”

On that note, my classes are cancelled already tomorrow and the entire campus is closed. Poor Cavan keeps asking me to check IUPUI's alert page. There's a link if you're a student and want to check.

I do wonder what it will be like when I get up tomorrow and how my shift at work will go. I bet I'll hear a lot about it tomorrow. As it's happening.


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