Day Four

It's day four without a smoke and although I have a lot of mixed emotions about it, I'm glad. I know I still have a long way to go, so I just reward myself here and there when I fight a craving.
I've also been doing about 30-45 minutes of yoga every day for almost a week. I've cut out caffeine, alcohol, greasy foods, bread and pasta, and dairy. I'm probably even forgetting a few things in that list. I spent a significant portion of my last paycheck at Sunflower Market yesterday buying organic everything. I'm doing what's called an “elimination diet” where I change my eating habits dramatically for just a week or two while slowly re-introducing the things to which my doctor thinks I might have an intolerance. If I have an IBS-related reaction, then it's something I know to avoid in the future. One thing to consider is whether or not all these highly processed foods pumped full of hormones and antibiotics and pesticides might be a factor.

But I guess my mixed emotions center around the fact that I don't feel 100 times better already. I know it's a slow process, but some things are really bothering me: I'm very irritable, even with the patch. I'm tired all the time and sleeping a lot at night. My skin is in bad shape – I've broken out recently and it bothers me. The skin on my face and legs is really dry and itchy. That could just be a winter, thing, though.
I'm trying to drink a lot more water and ignore the muscle stiffness from all the yoga because I know it's beneficial and just a matter of using those parts of my body that I forgot I had.

Whenever I start feeling really down I try to remind myself of the benefits I've experienced already: I can breathe deeper and easier; my stomach is already smaller and flatter, and some of my clothes are fitting looser; my hair and breath don't stink; I'm eating more which, for me, is a good thing. I generally have one big meal a day and that's it. Quitting smoking has made me snacky so I'm boosting my metabolism by eating smaller meals throughout the day.

I'm even trying the little tricks recommended to keep yourself busy. When I feel the urge to run out and have just one I go wash my hands a few times with a new peppermint soap I bought and then take deep breaths of the minty smell. Or I just do some stretches from yoga and take ten breaths. I start some laundry or do the dishes or check my email. I changed my MySpace profile to “nonsmoker.”

The hardest part so far has been when I'm driving, so I've spent as little time in the car as possible the past few days.

In other news, I was at work last night and happened to see the title of the book a customer sat down on the counter while he was ordering his cocoa. I had to glance down really quickly a few times becaise I thought my eyes were deceiving me. I happened to see the spine, because he was careful enough to turn it face-down, but I can read upside down, sideways, and backwards from ten feet away. I thought it was one of those clever plays on words like “How to be a Cunning Linguist,” but it wasn't. The title was “The Art of Cunnilngus” which I tried to find on Amazon for you so I could just provide a link, but it wasn't listed. At least, not the orange book this guy was carrying.

I'm going to take a shower to keep myself busy.


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