The Old College Try

With the wind-chill factor it's apparently twenty-two degrees below zero. Although it appears we'll be pushing forty degrees in a week, there's also a suggested 3-6 inches of snow coming tomorrow. Due to the frigid temperatures and my refusal to smoke inside the house, I've decided it's time to give quitting smoking another shot. Then again, I shouldn't imply that I'm only “trying,” or I'd also be assuming failure.
I am going to try my best, though.

I put on a patch this morning only to find myself dizzy, light-headed and nauseated an hour later. I was talking to Annie about it and she asked when I bought them. “The last time I tried to quit smoking,” I said, immediately realizing that was over a year ago. I looked at the expiration date and it was May of last year. D'oh!

So I went ahead and bought a new box. I realize there are a ton of things one can purchase to aid their attempts to quit, but the idea of gum or lozenges just makes me want to barf. I know most people have not had success with the patch, but I still choose to use it. I think what really matters is the desire to quit. Admittedly, my desire isn't quite 100% if only because there's not much else in the world I enjoy more than an espresso and a smoke. But, for my own health I really have to give it the best possible chance. It is a disgusting habit, but it's one of the only vices I have left. Trying it now, while cutting out caffeine, soda, fat, raw veggies, dairy, and starting yoga . . . well, I feel like I'm setting myself up for disappointment. But I know it doesn't have to be like that.

We'll just have to see what each day brings and live it minute-by-minute.

In other news, I treated myself to a whole new bathroom and I'm getting a passport. Rather than the aqua, blue, and greens I've had in every place I've lived the past few years, it's now black, white, and red. The new shower curtain is pretty retro. I like it. It looks vaguely like the one above, only no color and less geometric shapes.
For our sixth anniversary, Charlie and I both took the weekend off from our various jobs and responsibilities. One thing I promised myself at the new year was that I would do something out of the state of Indiana. Whether I travel to another country or not, and whether or not we actually do something thrilling that weekend, I at least want to get a passport on one of my days off for the first time in my life. Well . . . maybe I had one as a kid when my dad was in the Navy, but I don't remember it and it sure as hell isn't valid.


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