The Creation Museum

There's a new museum opening up in Kentucky in May. I read about it in the latest issue of Discover magazine.
A group of creationists is dropping almost $30 million into this really high-tech building with a bunch of anamatronic scenes showing people living with dinosaurs and stuff. Charlie thought I was joking when I said I wanted to check it out. But I do.
In a way, I feel almost sorry for people like that. They get up every day and have to reconcile what they believe with what most other people think. They take the bible literally: the earth was created six thousand years ago; it was created in six days; god rested on the seventh day. I think it must be incredibly difficult to balance a love of science with a love of religion. The article was kind of insulting (very editorialized), but I still want to check it out.
Who knows, maybe I'll be convinced! (I won't.)


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