Odds and Ends

At work the other morning a woman was singing at her table. The guy sitting with her had his hands cupped over his ears as if he was trying to block out the background noise and hear only her. She had a Bible open in front of her. I imagine she was singing stuff from it. I found this really odd and apparently so did some of our customers as they started to get up and move out the door, glancing at the couple over their shoulders as they left.

We have an herbal tea at work that I've been selling for over a year. I just realized tonight that I've been calling it the wrong name. It has the word “ginger” in the name and I've been saying “Georgia.” Which makes absolutely no sense.

I dropped my Spanish class on Mondays and Wednesdays and re-registered to take it this summer. I wish I didn't have to because I'd hoped to complete all my prerequisites before returning to IUPUI but I can't handle the constant barrage of homework for my online courses.

I have a three page research proposal due tomorrow. At the end of the semester we're supposed to have a 12+ research paper with sources and a literature review and all this . . . I started working on the proposal last week and basically wrote the paper. Now I have to start at the end and work backwards, which sucks. I wish I could just turn in the paper and be done with the class.

I finally watched “Little Miss Sunshine” and loved it. I knew I would. I don't know why it sat on my shelf for a month. I just never got around to it.

My back hurts.


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