Stephen on Bill

If you didn't catch the episode of “The Colbert Report” where Stephen interviewed Bill O'Reilly (aka “Papa Bear” to Stephen's character), don't. Instead, look up the video of Stephen being “interviewed” by O'Reilly on his own show (or just watch the crappy version I posted below).

I couldn't believe it. I've never seen O'Reilly so quiet. He just sort of watched as Stephen went on and on in character, but was clearly annoyed on both programs because Stephen either made a snide remark (on “The Colbert Report” he referenced the sex scandal Bill was in a couple of years ago – and the audience gasped), or because Colbert refused to break character on Bill's show. This obviously infuriated him. I doubt Bill O'Reilly is a good enough sport to have gone along with all of it and I doubt he enjoyed any of it. At one point he shouts “Which is it – Colbear or Colburt?!”

I also enjoyed Stephen saying “They criticize you for what you say, but never for how loud you say it. Or how long.” And the people on-set cracking up.


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