What's Going On in There?

For the past few days, if not a week or longer, I've been trying to ignore the fact that I'm nauseated in the morning. And the afternoon. And in the evenings. I have pretended like my boobs aren't incredibly tender and swollen, or that I feel super-bloated in a way I've never felt bloated before.
I have also tried to ignore my weird food cravings (Wednesday night I was positively drooling at the idea of having a cold, juicy orange), the fact that I get hot and cold really easily, or that I'm feeling tired a lot during the day, and that I've been especially moody. For example, at work last night, I felt like I wanted to cry for no reason a couple of different times. This is not usual for me. I'm not an overly emotional person, especially in public.

I'm hoping that I have the World's Worst Case of PMS or a mild stomach virus. Because all of these symptoms can be indicative of a number of other things, I'm trying not to worry too much. Otherwise, Charlie and I (and just about everyone we know) would be in for a really huge surprise. I still have several more days before I can make a definite assumption as to what's going on and am trying to tell my brain that it better not make my body do anything weird just because I'm paranoid.


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