To Defend Or Not to Defend

My Biology instructor's discussion board question for this week was whether or not we agree with animal testing. Uh oh. Everyone said the same, safe thing: “Not really okay for cosmetics, okay for medicine.” I and one other person said that, deep down, we don't think it's right, but there isn't anything we can do about it.

Someone actually tried to make an argument regarding a rat, my dad, and letting my dad die to save the rat. I pointed out that it's a logical fallacy meant to play on emotions. She got all offended and now she's been responding to all of my posts with ridiculous quesions like “Well, what do you suggest we do to test new medicines and surgical procedures?”

I debated as to whether or not I even wanted to answer her question. If I had prefaced my discussion board post with “I am a devout Christian who believes all animals are God's creatures and should be treated equally,” I firmly believe I would not been asked to defend my opinion.

My original post was just that I feel a dilemma when it comes to animal testing; it happens, I probably benefit in many ways from it, but I don't want it to happen. People take this in all sorts of ways, but mostly that I apparently would rather see a seven year old child die of cancer than one animal experimented on.
So I responded “What are the chances that one animal will save a person's life when millions have been experiemented on?”
So that girl says she highly doubts even a thousand animals have been tested on, which I found hilarious. I sent her some statistics from the National Cancer Institute. More like 300-400 million just for cancer research in the 1980s. She didn't like this.

Rather than respond to the information I gave her, she asked me to solve the problem. This is all fine and dandy to ask of someone who has left-of-center opinions. Whenever you appear to others to be “too liberal,” you are constantly asked to defend yourself and your beliefs.
I felt like saying, “Look, the assignment was to post a response to the question and then respond to at least two other posts. That's what I did. Get off my back.” But I didn't say that because it would be rude.

I really hate that progressive opinions are constantly questioned and demanded more explanations for when anything based on a religious belief is totally acceptable because the person “just has faith.” If I walked up to everyone driving a car with one of those Jesus fish things on it and just asked them over and over and over to explain to me what was going on with that belief, I'd probably get arrested for harrassing them. Eventually, they would feel they were being persecuted. But it's perfectly acceptable to do this to me because, apparently, I'm not allowed to just have an opinion; I have to back that opinion up with facts, figures, numbers, statistics, and evidence detailing how I came to that opinion. By the way, an opinion is defined as: “a personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty.” Maybe I just have “faith” that I “think” I don't like it.


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