Comment Spam?

I've been quote-blogging-unquote for many years now . . . Probably at least seven. And today was the first time I think I have ever received a spam message in my comments. In response to the previous post I made about Cavan's birthday present auction, I got a message about how I should check out this auction sniping web site. Then it made some vague remarks about “taking a break between undergrad and grad studies.” And it was signed “bye4now,” a phrase I seriously doubt any of my real or online friends would ever actually use.

My first reaction was that someone may have been “trying” to be helpful and just came off like a tool. Then I thought, this must be some automatically generated message that picks up keywords from my entries. If it was a real person, I apologize for calling you a tool. It was a very weird message. I blocked the IP address, but I doubt I'll be able to avoid that happening again.


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