A Readers' Poll

was talking about her dreams of grad school the other day, which, coincidentally, was a few days after I started reading a book I got for Christmas on preparing one's self for graduate programs.

The book covers everything from where you want to go, to interviews, to letters of recommendation, to your personal statement and everything in between. It also breaks up chapters based on what you want to study and what programs will expect of you. This got me wondering . . .

What do I want to go to grad school for, exactly? I have a background in human services that makes me qualified to be in an administrative position once I have my Bachelor's degree. I have oodles of customer service experience, from coffee to books to music to movies. I worked in publishing (briefly) before deciding I needed my degree and going to school full time. I enjoyed the field but wasn't particularly fond of my position (coordination). I was decent at it, and well-organized, but I didn't like being The Bitch No One Wants a Call From.
I'm most definitely getting my BA in English, but that doesn't necessarily mean I want to get a Master's in English, as well.

This is all background information and none of it is necessarily something I want to make a career out of. Or . . . do I? I'm not really sure. I've taken the career-related personality tests and they don't help. They never tell me anything I don't already know.

Dear readers, I am asking for your help. I am not making a thinly veiled attempt to fish for compliments. I'm asking how you see me. From what little (or a lot, depending) you know of me, what do you see me doing with the rest of my life? The next five years? Studying in graduate school? I'm about a semester and a half away from really needing to buckle down and make a decision so I can start researching schools, programs, and professors. I have some of my own ideas, but I would genuinely like to hear from other people – whether you know me well or not – for ideas to consider. I guess I'm asking you to brainstorm for me.

You can leave a message in the comments section or email me directly. But I'd appreciate any sort of response, if only to have something extra to chew on.


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