Overwhelming Desire

I have this almost overwhelming desire to find The Perfect Gift for everyone, regardless of the date. Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, you name it. I was really proud of my fortune cookie purchase for Scott's 40th birthday, but I'm already worried about how I'm going to top that.
My gifts for Charlie for the holidays were really good, especially the tools, so now I'm worried about what I will get for his birthday and anniversary.
The things I got for Cavan for Christmas were “okay,” but I don't think I nailed it. So I'm searching around for something really great. Something authentic, certified, once-in-a-lifetime. Really special, difficult to find, and thoughtful anyway.
I can't tell you what it is right now. Suffice it to say I'm “watching” something on eBay and crossing my fingers that no one with a lot of disposable income is going to come in at the last minute and outbid me.
Somehow, I don't think making him a handbag or pillow is quite going to cut it.


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