A Plethora of Posted Pictures and Presents

Santa visited in abundance this year. As much as I struggle with spending money on things we really don't need, occasionally something comes along that makes Charlie so happy that I'm incredibly grateful to be able to give it to him. I also tend to go a bit overboard for the holidays when it comes to him. This year, one of my Christmas gifts to him was something that could eventually pay for itself. I got him a Bostitch nail gun set, complete with air compressor and hose. And some books or something.

Liz has talked about having Charlie put up some trim and crown in her house before she sells it and he always said he could do it but he just doesn't have the right tools. Well, now he's got all sorts of crap.

Here's one of my favorite gifts from this year:

Is it weird that I sleep with it every night and have decided it's a “he”?

Another favorite is a photo collage Cavan made for me. The funny thing is, the photo of Alvy on the top left is the same one he's taking in a photo I took of him. Did I just create a rip in the space-time continuum?
I realized when he called last night that I actually missed him. Watching “The Price is Right” alone on weekday mornings when I get home from work isn't all that fun.

Here's Alvy with one of his toys. I discovered too late that it sings ridiculous Christmas carols when the dogs bite it. I ripped it open and promptly replaced the singing box with a rogue squeaker found on the floor a few weeks ago.

This is one I bought for myself from the Herron print show. My friend from work, Audrey, is the artist, and the proceeds go to a good cause (her), plus I love her work.

Last, but definitely not least, are the following two purchases Charlie and I pooled resources on from holiday gift cards and whatnot. And, yes, that is a DVD/DVD-R/DVD-RW+/VHS combo into which you can also automatically plug your digital camera or SD card. And an HDMI-compatible flat-panel LCD TV. We got the HDMI cable for it this morning and the resolution is incredible. Not that I care, you know, 'cause I don't care about that materialistic crap. (Wheeeee!)


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