The End of the Beginning

Here's a photo of the “Officially Finished” phoenix tattoo on Charlie's back. He had the blue added a few weeks ago. Now he has the one on his arm to get touched up and actually colored in. It's the art deco-style nude on his shoulder that I drew originally holding up a globe but now doesn't seem quite right, so her arms – on his arm – are empty. The tattoo artist who gave that one to him took some photos and said he'd try and come up with some ideas as far as shading and what she'd be holding up.

I've been curious about what Charlie's planning on next – and where – but he hasn't said much. He's a lot better than I am about actually finishing the stuff he gets started.

I have several things I want right now, but neither the money nor the body space to get any done. One is a very long Hebrew translation of a phrase from the Torah (I know, I know, but I'm not Jewish, so it's okay), and the other is one I told you about a couple of months ago but need to have a lot bigger than I'd like it to show detail. I'm still struggling with the idea of Where to Start Next. My back is covered and, other than putting in waves or pagodas or other scenic background stuff, there isn't space for much more without being really busy and complicated. Sleeves are still beyond my imagination. I don't know what I'd have covering one of my arms, or if that's something I'm ready to commit to.


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