Let's Get Some Shoes!

I know I've talked about this before, but it's on my mind a lot lately. I seem to go through phases where I fight these Typical Girl Urges.

I used to pride myself on my thriftiness. I'm not the kind of person who would be mortified if someone I knew saw me going in to a Value Village or Goodwill. In fact, I encourage people to recycle and shop second-hand, and I even think Goodwill is getting a little big for their britches.
I'm pretty hard on my clothes so I don't mind paying a lot less for something I'm going to get tired of or wear out in six months.

I'm still relatively thrifty, mostly because I don't give in to 99% of my desires. I've noticed a trend lately that I'm developing a rather expensive taste in shoes. And clothes. And handbags.
At first it was the clearance Nine West purse I got for eleven bucks. Then I found a brand of jeans at Macy's that fit well but cost at least three times what I would normally pay for a pair of pants. I now have three different pair of them. You need dark, medium, and light denim, right? Plus, a boot cut, a wide leg, and a relatively straight, somewhat skinny jean. Right? Oh, and they make them in “short” sizes so I don't have to cut or hem them, myself. This is important, right? Right?

Now I find myself passing by the shoe section at different stores or browsing a Web site and wistfully imagining myself mincing around in a saucy pair of Betsey Johnsons or Jimmy Choos. I found a seller on eBay that deals exclusively in designer shoes and sells them for what I discovered I thought were “reasonable prices.”
Coming from a girl who would never spend more than twenty or thirty bucks on a pair of shoes in the past, I found it surprising when it fully registered that I was thinking “Only seventy bucks for a two hundred dollar pair of sassy Marc Jacobs platforms? What a deal!”
Then I came back to earth. Where in the hell am I going to wear a two hundred dollar pair of shoes? Why do I think this is something I need? One particular pair I've been psychologically fondling lately would set me back a car payment.

But, oooooh . . . to splurge and get something really Carrie Bradshaw? Thanks for making me think about this, Katie!


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