Boys Vs. Girls

My dad once said that he was secretly happy that he had two girls. At first. He said he'd always understood the genders in terms of boys: messy/girls: tidy. Boy, was he wrong. I fully admit to being one of the messiest, sloppiest, dirtiest girls ever to exist. And my sister was no slouch when it came to, well, being a slouch. As I've gotten older I've become a much more anal retentive and much more tidy person. I don't like clutter. This is something that runs in my dad's family, along with a slew of other issues with control.

I came home from a Target run today about the same time as Cavan returned from a final exam. He, for no apparent reason, offered to do the dishes. Dirty dishes that, 90% of which, were not his. This got me thinking: he and Charlie are probably the best housemates I've ever had in the sense of what it means to be respectful of the people and their things with whom you share a living space. They rarely vacuum and I've never known either to dust stuff. But they're not slobs. Cavan keeps his mess restricted to his room and it's not the kind of mess that Kate created. You know, where you couldn't tell the bed from the floor from the desk for all the dirty and clean clothes scattered everywhere.

When I had to show that particular rental to future tenants, she was out of town and I had to straighten her room. I basically shoved everything in to her closet and under her bed because a.) it wasn't my place to clean up after her and b.) I didn't want to discover anything unsavory.
What I did find were candy, gum, and other food-related wrappers all over the place, empty and partially-full cups scattered around her room, and some ants. There were folders and notebooks and papers, books, videos, DVDs, and videgames everywhere. I could never understand how she could live like such a slob and have a comfortable space to relax in her room. She refused to put her computer in the office to utilize the cable internet and kept it in her bedroom with a big, heavy desk that was covered in dust and loads of other junk. Of course, that didn't stop her from using my computer every single day for hours of playing online games. She thought it was “cute” to be a slob, for some reason.

Not to mention any of the other women I've shared a house with – no offense to any of them – but the guys are so much more neat. Maybe I have to suffer through endless weekends (and many weeknights) of various football games, but at least I don't have to worry about bugs crawling all over my house because of my roommates' filthy, disrespectful living habits.


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