Some Dreams

I wasn't going to tell you about this since I already made a post today, but I was thinking about some dreams I've had recently. Since I've finally started using LiveJournal's “tags” feature I can come back and read – and laugh – about them.

So I dreamt the other night that I had figured out the most complicated (for me) of the equations that will be on this final exam tomorrow. They're the problems with division and multiplication and addition and you've got exponents, integers, and variables going on for miles. In the dream, I realized that the only thing I had to do was write ” x 20″ next to them. I didn't actually have to multiply them by 20, just write that down. And it was all figured out. Imagine my disappointment when I woke up.

A few nights before that I had a dream that an ex-boyfriend invited me to his wedding. I wasn't really sure if he was the one that invited me, or his parents. In real life I liked his family a lot more than I liked him. So I get there and this really long, drawn-out process where they're reciting these super-sappy vows to one another and he keeps stopping the whole thing to go on out about how wonderful she is. She was actually a very unattractive young woman and was kind of stupid. Then he stops things again and shows a video he'd made of lots of other people talking about how wonderful she is. I ended up feeling bad for her because, in the dream, I realize the ex was putting on this show for my benefit. It was basically all about “Why I don't like Courtney and never really did.”
This wasn't a surprise to me because, despite the fact that we were together for a couple of years, and lived together for one, I never got the impression that he was very interested in me. At times it felt like he didn't even know I was around. Plus, he was into teeny-bopper porn. In real life. This concerned me. Also, he told me once that I was “a lot heavier” than girls he usually dated. I was about 115 pounds at the time.


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