No Filling

So my cousin Grant is officially incarcerated for at least five more years. I decided I wanted to send him a card/letter. I addressed the envelope carefully, put on my little homemade address label, and opened the card. I wrote his name, a comma, and then stopped . . .

I have absolutely no idea what to say. I started to write something like “Hope all is well,” but clearly it's not. “I know things are tough right now” is so cliche and I really don't know how things are for him.

We were never close as kids although we had a civil relationship at family get-togethers. We share very little common interests. He once asked me if my hair was going to stay brown because he liked the “weird colors better.” I'm not sure what kind of music, movies, or extracurricular activities he enjoys. I think he was into cars and heavy metal. Do the kids call it heavy metal anymore? I want to say he probably likes late '70s and '80s rock. He's 25. 6'4″. Probably doesn't weigh more than 170 pounds. Is this helping?

So, my articulate and eloquent friends, what the hell do I write in his card?


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