Bits & Pieces

I sliced my finger open at work this morning cutting tomatoes for our veggie wraps, so typing is complicated at this point.

I had to decline an invitation to a holiday party I wanted to attend because I already have two others that same night.

A customer gave me a cashmere scarf this morning as a Christmas present. She actually brought in a basket of them, in all different colors, which she got for each of the girls I work with. She said she picked them up in Paris and wanted to give them to us because we're all so sweet. I know this is incredibly tacky of me, but when I got home I was telling Cavan about it and he asked “What would something like that set her back?”
So I got on Amazon and checked the brand name.
“Something like that” would set a person back somewhere between $80-$130. Per scarf. Just so ya know. We thanked her profusely, of course, but I felt terribly guilty accepting it.

Then Cavan and I went to the print and ceramics sale at Herron and got some really great stuff. I bought one of Audrey's prints that I lo-o-ooove (I really like all her stuff), another for a Christmas present, and Cavan got a really awesome one, as well. We didn't see much in the ceramics section that we wanted, although there were some impressive pieces.

Tomorrow is my oldest cousin's wedding (out of all of them she's closest in age to me – seven years younger than me, that is) and I feel really weird about it. Not just because I remember when she was born, but because it's possible it will be a somewhat formal affair, no one in my family has been to a wedding together, at the same time, since mine (and that was incredibly casual), there will be alcohol and dancing and we're a family of drunks who can't really dance. Also, I doubt I will like any of the music and therefore want to dance (my cousin doesn't strike me as a fan of Bjork or Underworld or Daft Punk), not to mention the fact that Charlie has to work at the club around 9:30 tomorrow night.

I really wish he hadn't taken that job back, but he wants to save money for school. I know, I know.

Is it bad that I secretly wish Cavan and Audrey liked one another?


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