Personalizing Gifts

I ran some errands this morning, including getting a gift certificate for my aunt to JoAnn Fabrics. While I was there I discovered the aisle with all the fabric swatches and leftover bits. Every time I go in there I discover something new. Considering I've only been sewing about two months and have been in to a JoAnn maybe a dozen times in my entire life, this shouldn't come as a great shock.
The store I usually go to is pretty small. Next time I have a specific project in mind I'm going to the bigger one on the north side and check out their goodies.
I have to admit that I don't like the idea of taking the big bolts of fabric up to the counter to be measured and cut. I don't know why; this is just the way I am. So I was thrilled to find the remainders of other cuts that were awkward sizes and discontinued fabric. Since none of my projects have been very large, I can keep to the so-called “fat quarters” and eighths and still put things together. I was considering making little pillows for everyone at work, but there are two guys who work there and they would get little benefit from personalized pillows. It's just that they're so easy to make! None of the fabric I picked up today is very holiday-y . . . but maybe that's better. It can be a pillow you have any time of year.

Speaking of which, I need to get together with Melody so she can teach me to knit and I can show her the parts of her sewing machine. I also wanted to get together with Shae and see what she was working on, get inspired. The past few weeks of this semester have been a mess and the holidays always create so much . . . well, extra.

I think I'm going to start buying stuff for projects I actually want to make next Christmas so that I have the materials, “notions” (as the sewing ladies call it), plenty of time, and lots of room to fix screw-ups. I'm guessing it'll be mostly stockings, ornaments, and handbags. But I'd really like the keep them more modern. I don't want to just make felt stockings with Santas sewn on. I'd like to make things that people actually, personally, like.


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