Mindless Updates

I spent a whole lot of time yesterday doing a whole lot of nothin'.
I got off work early because there were four of us and it wasn't that busy.
I came home and the electricity went off. After a side trip to Target for stuff we didn't really need, Cavan and I came back home, had lunch, and spent a few awkward moments sitting in silence. He went to his room and I started reading some homework. About five minutes into it, the power came back on and I went to check my email. Next thing I knew I was making labels for Christmas cards, reading stupid blogs (not anyone we like, don't worry), and checking all the gossip web sites for photos of Britney Spears' crotch. Okay, I didn't go intentionally looking for that — it's just what I saw.

Christmas came early at our house. My first card came in the mail on Thursday, before December even started. Charlie's already opened three presents, Cavan has opened one, and I got a new rotary cutter and board and a pair of pinking shears this morning. Charlie wanted me to open that stuff because I “might need it for presents” I “might be making.”

We had Mexican food for lunch at El Rodeo, went to get a new router (a Linksys this time, no more shitty wireless routers for me) at Best Buy, and even stopped in at SuperTarget on the north side at which point I could not recall a single thing I wanted to get.
After we got home I realized the things I'd forgotten yesterday: I don't have enough cards to mail out to everyone on my list, and I want to make some personal ones, myself, but need a few things to do that.

I'm officially done with six homemade gifts, and am *almost* done with all shopping. But I tend to go a little overboard every year, always feeling like I haven't done enough. I don't know what that's about. It's just me.

Tomorrow we're heading out to Liz's house to check out her crown and paint. She wants some input before they put the house up for sale and Charlie needs to see where and what she needs done, wood-wise (don't ask me, I have no idea what they want to do and that stuff bores me to tears). She also got a platinum, 1.2 carat ring with two 1/4 carat stones on either side today. So, she's engaged. Expensively.


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