What I Saw On the TeeVee.

I had a really great idea for a post idea. When I opened the window and signed in (LiveJournal doesn't “remember” me anymore), my brain dumped the idea. So instead I chose to relax that muscle and space out in front of a crappy magazine and an old James Bond movie. As far as I'm concerned, it's Sean Connery or nothing. I don't care what anyone says about the new guy or his chest.
I can't flip past any news channels that weren't going on about Michael Richards and his rant. I care very little about that situation, for some reason.
Unfortunately, during a commercial break I stumbled across the new “Real World” in Denver. I swear it was just a few seconds, but what I saw was horrifying. Bascially, all the drunk kids were playing Truth or Dare. Let your imagination take it from there. What happened? I mean, I'm not saying this show was ever any sort of pinnacle. I'm just saying it's been nothing but a bunch of drunk 21 year-olds fighting, having sex, and drinking in an expensive house for, like, seven or more seasons.
Then I came across a “Thanksgiving feast” mutually prepared and shared by all of Food Network's popular chefs: the “Bam!” guy, Alton Brown, Paula Dean, Rachael Ray, and that Giovanni Ribisi woman whose pert breasts seem to be of more interest than the actual food she's preparing. I know that's not her name. Her real name, however, escapes me. I just recall that it sounds somewhat like a disease and she has an incredibly large head. Oh, and both she and Rachael Ray show entirely too much teeth when they smile. It feels insincere.
Next I came across “Clean House” on the Style Network. I was disturbed to discover that my former favorite hosts are no longer on the show. Niecy Nash is still there, and the gay designer Mark, but both the organizer and the cute yard sale guy are gone. This makes me sad.
Skip past Animal Planet as I hear the words “rescued these two starving dogs . . .”
And it appears “Futurama” is on.

So, since it's a holiday in an hour or so, I'll say that I'm thankful for that show and the fact that it's being put back on the air in, what, a year and a half?


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