One of our employees begged me for my morning shift today. He'd gone home early on Sunday and was scheduled less hours than usual, so I think he really needed to make up the time. He was there when I went in with Charlie on his way to work, but it appears our new assistant manager has white spots all over her throat and she sounds horrible. She said she was just getting ready to call me to see if I wanted my shift back. Of course I don't relish the idea of working on a day off, but I had no plans to do anything other than return a shirt that's too small. Plus, I have another four days off in a row for the holidays and I need the money. Sarah covered for me when I was sick back in March from an infection and ended up having my wisdom teeth out. I owe her. I think I'm going to go in, just to be nice, and not to be a pushover. It's nearly impossible to call in sick at work because we have a total of about 8 employees, so most everyone is working on any given day, or it's their day off when you don't feel well.


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