I'm still in the process up updating doing nothing to my web site. One of the main things I want to do is start uploading photos more often at all. So I started this Flickr thing. I know I'm really behind the times as everyone's using them. But I had very little luck finding the HTML to add one of those photo bars that runs across, say, the left side of your page. I'm still stuck in the indecisive mode. Do I want to get rid of the site, keep it, do something else, leave it the same, delete some pages? I am definitely not the type to have a “Real Blog” as my main site as I can't bring myself to write about much of value all that often.

I changed the layout on LiveJournal, though, because the last template I used wasn't letting me do anything I wanted. It completely deleted my links, and I want everyone I read to be enjoyed by other people, as well.

Just wanted to share.


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