Growing Pains

So this is a photo of part of my first floor. Originally, when we'd looked at this house, I expected to turn the back room into a breakfast nook. After determining that everyone got a special little room besides me, I decided to turn it into my office/study area. We found a desk someone was selling for $25 and moved it in. A few months after that I purchased a refurbished sewing machine from for literally a third of its suggested retail value. I got a lot of bells and whistles that I still don't know how to use, but I'm reading the guide here and there so I can better understand what the features will do for me.
So I realized today that this really neat little nook off the kitchen is no longer satisfying my needs. It's now working as an office, a study area, a place to hold all of my textbooks, notebooks, pens, pencils, printer, paper, work-related stuff, a sewing room, a place for baskets to house my fabric scraps, as well as all the little things I've picked up here and there; good scissors, tape measure, ruler, pencil sharpener, chalk pencil . . . not to mention other art supplies. The room itself is probably about 6'x6', although that may be an exaggeration. I think if you laid Charlie down flat from wall to wall, he wouldn't fit. So it's probably not even that big. As you can see from the photo above, there's the living room, the dining area, and off that is the kitchen. The tiny room you can barely make out in the back right is my office. Click for a larger image and see if you can make it out.

It's so weird how you can go from one place to another and, despite not having a lot of extra money, still accumulate an extraordinary amount of “stuff.” I used to have just a bedroom to call my own when I lived with my folks and then first began renting with housemates. Then I had my own 400 square-foot studio apartment, then a 700 square-foot one-bedroom apartment. Then we rented a small double, 900sqft. Then we got a larger house, about 1200sqft. And now we're in this one. Where does it all come from? How can I be outgrowing a 1,700 square-foot 2-story house with three bedrooms, two offices, two bathrooms, and a basement for storage?!

I think it's time to consider downsizing again. Not the house, of course, but the junk in it. I'm not a big fan of clutter. I wish everything I owned could have it's own safe little home, where it would go sit neatly and quietly until I was ready to pull it out again.


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