My Friend Annie

So if I haven't explained this to you before, my friend Annie also happens to be my manager at the coffeeshop – although things didn't happen in that exact order. Last night she and another co-worker discovered my journal through MySpace and she wanted to know what I meant when I made jokes about my schedule, or complained about work. I really hurt her feelings with a couple of things I'd said so I have to put things into perspective and realize it's not just the same three people who read this when they're bored. There are other people who stumble across my journal and may think, perhaps, that I don't like my job, that I don't like some of my co-workers, or that I don't like being in school. This isn't the case. (Okay, maybe there's one or two people at work that I'm not extremely fond of, but that's it.) Plus, not everyone knows what all I'm thinking about when I say something. There are a million thoughts rolled up in one, so while I might say something like “Oh, I have to work another six days in a row,” this is not a judgment to make of Annie, personally, but a severe lack on my part of anything interesting to talk about.

Annie is one of the nicest, most generous people I've ever met. I'm lucky to have her as a manager and a friend. If she didn't work at the coffeeshop, I'd probably have quit a while ago for lack of anyone interesting to talk to.
If you read the entry I made after my birthday, you'll remember that I said it was the best birthday I'd ever had. I have never had anyone go so out of their way to make it special for me and it was very sweet. She also bothered to buy a cake and put candles in it, singing “Happy Birthday” to me. I haven't had anyone do that in over 10 years.
She's offered to come over and let my dogs out on Thanksgiving so that we can drive out to visit my family and don't have to spend $300 on shots and boarding.
She's offered to take me out to dinner a thousand times. She's invited me over for cookouts, movies, dinner, and just hanging out.
She doesn't think I'll hurt her child. That's always nice.
She met me at the oral surgeon's office and held my hand while I sobbed and had my wisdom teeth extracted. Charlie wouldn't even take a long lunch to do that with me.

A lot of the times Annie makes fun of her management abilities and I think I allowed these jokes to seep in to my own unconscious, so I make the same jokes.

So, of course, this is for all of you readers, not just Annie, but if she stumbles in here later on and reads it, I hope she knows how much she means to me.
This doesn't mean I'll stop complaining about work, of course.


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