Beginning to Craft

So I have officially made one thing with my sewing machine and screwed up another. The [insert secret gift here] for Scott & Jay came out well. The not-so-secret-now-because-I-showed-it-to-her gift for Annie went horribly wrong.
Today we went shopping for (and I shudder to use this term) craft books. I didn’t have much luck as there wasn’t a whole lot that revolved specifically around “holiday crafts” that wasn’t hiedous. And if it wasn’t hideous, it was expensive. So I ended up with a $5 “everything sewing” book. I figured, if nothing else, it wouldn’t hurt me to understand the basics. After explaining how to thread and clean your machine, and going over the essentials of fabrics and threads, the book gave some good advice: try practicing first.

Wow. What a novel idea. Why I thought I would be an expert the first time I slipped a piece of fabric underneath the needle, I have no idea. The [super-secret gift for Jay & Scott] only looks as good as it does because I sewed the “right” sides together. When you turn things around, the stitching is hidden. As long as no one goes ripping anything I make apart, they won’t know that it appears someone with vertigo was playing on my sewing machine.

I’ve decided to back up just a few steps. No more attempts at huge projects. Each day this week I’m going to just practice sewing straight lines on scrap fabric. Each time I’m out and about I’ll pick up some fabric for future ideas. This year may not be an exclusively homemade holiday for all my friends and family, but I hope by this time next year I’ll be stitching the hell out of really thoughtful crap.


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