In a Major Rut

I'm so boring I can barely stand it. In bed by 11 every night – at the latest – up before 7 every morning – at the latest. Go get coffee, come home, let the dogs out, read, answer ridiculous questions to prove I did the reading, try and solve complicted math problems that I don't understand, let the dogs out, force myself to eat something, sweep, vacuum, shower, go to work, put on a smile and serve every wealthy, over-priveliged northside housewife skinny decaf sugarfree vanilla lattes, come home, eat something, do the dishes, watch some tv, go to bed.
Every day it's the same shit. The worst part is that I continue to deprive myself of “fun” as punishment for not being motivated enough to get all my class work done on the one day off I have each week. I can't get anyone to cover my shifts for me, despite working with at least two people who claim they want more hours and a new assistant manager who's getting 45 hours.
Christmas is coming and everyone has auto repair bills, vet bills, tuition bills, rent, mortgages. I hate feeling like my friends or family should have to buy things for me. I've done some of my own shopping but am running out of savings. Savings that are supposed to go to a four-credit summer Spanish course that I absolutely have to take to transfer back to IUPUI as a junior. If I don't, I end up taking a semester off, which is the last thing I want. I already have the junior itch and I'm still 6 months away from it.
Charlie and I both have used up our time off requests for this year for driving to and from various family functions. It's not that it won't be nice to see people; but there's really no time for us to relax and enjoy ourselves. All time is already dedicated to something or another.
I feel like I'm just going nuts. I need a vaction, but where can someone with no free time and no disposable income go?


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