Correction: eight day stretch at work, not seven as I previously thought. This does include the “holiday meeting” we have on Sunday, but that I don't actually go in to work. Don't you love “mandatory fun”? I had it so much at my last job I could barely stand it. I hate mandatory anything.

In other news MySpace has assisted someone else from high school with whom I haven't spoken in about 15 years in contacting me. I got home from class today to find an email from a girl named Tracy who was a year behind me. She lived two doors down from the girl, Rose, whose house my sister and I pretty much lived at during high school. We couldn't stand being at home so we always went over to Rose's. I'm not sure when, exactly, I met Tracy, but I always thought she was one of the funniest people I'd ever met. I stayed the night at her house often because both her parents worked night shifts and she was alone a lot. I'm not sure what happened to make us stop speaking to each other, but at some point, we just “weren't friends” anymore.
Her email was funny and it sounds as if she's led a pretty interesting life. She said something that I often think of when perusing the alma matter on MySpace: people occasionally look their age or older, which is weird, because you remember them as fifteen or sixteen or whatever. There's wear on a lot of people's faces and some I don't even recognize. Tracy said, however, that I still look really young. “Then again,” she went on, “you always were sort of a little imp or fairy.”

I'm still sorting the meaning of that sentence out.

I haven't finished nearly enough of my math homework, as I really don't understand what about the quadratic equations I'm screwing up. I'm averaging only every other question with a correct answer, the odds I'm getting wrong. So I stopped to tell you about Tracy, wash my hair for the first time in four days, and get something to eat. Now it's off to work.


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