Health & Fitness

Today is my first day off in seven days. Granted, some of those days I only had to work five hour shifts, but it's the effort that counts, right? Getting up at 5:30 in the morning is still no small feat on my part and working at six in the morning until eleven still sucks because by early afternoon I need a nap.
I'm curious as to whether or not I may get called in for just a couple of hours today. One of our employees isn't feeling well. She seems to go through phases every couple of weeks. I worry that she may be anemic or hypo/hyperglycemic. I don't know the difference, just some sort of “-emic” that makes a person really pale and lightheaded. I know when I don't eat – which, believe it or not, is often – I get incredibly irritable, tired, nauseated, woozy. I wonder if she's in the same boat? I wonder why, if I know this will happen to me, I don't eat more often? All it does is slow down my metabolism even more and make it difficult to lose any weight.

Speaking of which, I've been considering going on some sort of diet/exercise regimen. I know Charlie would absolutely shit himself with glee if I said I wanted to get a gym membership. He's already joined this new one that's opening on the north side (but not until March) because it will have a pool. I, personally, really enjoy the idea of swimming. But I don't want to share a pool with a hundred other people. Especially since the new gym will be all the rage when it first opens. I like my quiet time, my personal space, my privacy. And exercise is not something I want to do in a mile radius of any other person. I'm not good at running (the shock gives me a headache and I get shin splints), I don't lift weights, and I have no idea how to do anything else but walk. I'm also a completely unmotivated person. There's nothing I enjoy more than a good cup of coffee and a smoke — both of which are not really conducive to exceptional health.

So. Like I said. I'm “considering” something. Seems like all the weight I lost as result of my liquid diet (thanks, dental work!), has piled back on. My “juniors” jeans don't fit that comfortably anymore, and I want them to. I do want to be in better shape. I do want to quit smoking. I want the headaches and neck and back problems to go away. But they're sort of the reason why it's hard to find motivation to exercise: when you're neck is killing you the last thing you want to do is get up and run around.


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