Dreaming of LA

I just spent about three hours of my morning on two midterms and a paper that are all due by Sunday. It wouldn’t have taken me nearly as long if my literature instructor weren’t so anal retentive and completely focused on the tiniest of details [How many children did Jacob have? What was Gilgamesh’s mother’s name? Who was the man that lay down with his father’s concubine? What did Cassandra say as she was standing in front of Agamemnon’s palace?] I feel like some students may be missing the bigger picture as they scramble through their textbooks, sweating, trying to find the answers to these inane questions. I especially enjoyed the final essay question, asking us to explain the significance of Enkidu’s sexual initiation in Gilgamesh and how that relates to the overall theme of existentialism. Her tests are like night and day:
1.) What color was the brooch was on Oedipus’ mother/wife’s shoulders that he used to pluck out his eyes?
2.) Explain, in 200 words or more, the purpose the statue Reconciliation in Lysistrata.

The Gilgamesh essay wasn’t such a bad one for me since my entire first paper was on the existentialist themes in the story, but I feel for the other kids.

When I went in for my morning coffee (later than usual because I sat in bed worrying about how I was going to get all my tests done. Efficient, aren’t I?), Annie asked me why I didn’t ask for a day off so I could get homework finished.
I actually had a dream last night that she sent me to a conference in Los Angeles but I had to drive. Luckily, I made it out in five hours (from Indianapolis!) but the conference had nothing to do with my job. I was thinking about what celebrities I might meet when I realized I had to be at work again at 7 in the morning and didn’t know how I would ever get back in time. Annie said “Oh, you can do it!” [I must think about how I phrase my interpretations of dreams!]

In other news, Cavan never came home last night. My best guess is that he just stayed at his parents’ house. Even though he’s (finally) been dating someone, she seems rather shy and introverted. Unless she came to the club last night for a concert, got shitfaced, and demanded he come home with her, I seriously doubt he’s at her place. It’s a possibility, but far-fetched. It’s almost one so I’m a little worried about him. I hope he got some action.


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