The car is fixed and running better than when I got it, Madonna didn’t leave with an adopted child, and I had a thirty minute meeting this afternoon. All is apparently well in the world.

Charlie and I had been putting off a visit to the bank to talk about financing a mortgage since we’re still unsure as to what things will be like in 2 years when I (finally) graduate. I’m not sure if I want to get my Master’s but I don’t want to close that door just because I’m burnt out right now.
Things are not going well for me in my math class; I may have to take it again next semester which will royally screw up my credits to transfer back to IUPUI as a junior. I already have to take a four credit Spanish course over the summer to have exactly 62 credits, so if I don’t get at least a 75% in algebra I’m going to have to take it over. I’m completely unprepared for the test on Tuesday. I work tomorrow at 6am, so I’m going to have to really crack down in the afternoon and start pouring over my book and reworking problems he gave us. I tried to have Charlie help me with some of the easier ones tonight and it ended in tears and frustration. I wish there was some way I could get out of my math courses that didn’t involve going back to Herron.

In positive news, I think I’ve found the way into my world civ instructor’s heart; liberal essays. Believe it or not I’ve gotten my highest grades when I’m questioning the current administration and comparing that to ancient history. I’ve gotten 100% on my last three essays, all of which have been, more or less, questions. Such as “If Solon made a revolutionary move in choosing to pay common people to participate in government, how the hell did we get to where we are now?” I had to do a little poking around, but discovered that the average American makes about forty grand a year, whereas the average Congress “person” makes about $165,000. I say “person” because they’re 85% men and 99% white, and the US is 49% male, 79% white. How am I being adequately represented when these douches are sailing through Ivy League colleges with silver spoons in their mouths, coming from families that have been in politics and old money for generations and I’m out here eke, eke, eke?


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