So my friend Liz knows a guy who knows a guy . . . actually it's her boyfriend's brother. Apparently he's a real whiz with cars and can fix our $1000 worth of car problems for a little over $200. Basically just parts and $50 or $75 to put in his pocket. There are some tools for which we may need to split the cost with him, but it shouldn't be too much. I really don't know what he's going to charge us since he needs to look at the car first, but it's definitely going to be significant difference between that and what the auto shop would charge.

As long as the Corolla lasts me until all my bills are paid off.

So, that makes me feel good. Except for the fact that we may have to miss Charlie's stepsister's wedding on Saturday. I feel really terrible since they'd sent us an invitation, but to the incorrect address, that got sent back to them and his dad has been hounding us for an RSVP. We finally did when I could definitively get this Saturday off . . . but I'm sure they'll understand how badly we need to get the car fixed.

I don't think we're going to trade in the Santa Fe. As much as I hate having an SUV and feel like it's a poor ethical choice to drive one, it carries our dogs, our groceries, and Charlie can carpool with at least three other people who live around here.

So. That's the thrilling update.


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