Car Problems on Top of Kitty Problems on Top of Dad Problems.

When it rains, it pours. My dad is sick. My cat is sick. Now my car is sick.
I think my car is closest to dying than any other person/animal listed above.

The poor Corolla has served me well this past year and a half, considering other than an oil change and some light bulbs I've never really put any money in it. I also got it for free. But the repair bill is close to two thousand dollars, about fourteen hundred more than the car is really worth in its current state. We did get offered a grand for it at a car dealership, which would be ridiculous to pass up since they made the offer.
Only problem is, we already have one car payment and my bills are already in consolidation, due to be paid off around March. I can't afford much else on top of summer tuition, textbooks, and everyday bills.
I either have to find the money to get three big things fixed so I can drive it another few months or start making payments on a car I looked at today. It was another Corolla, only a year newer than mine, but it had about 142,000 less miles on it than mine. It was also in much better shape and had automatic transmission, cruise control, and A/C. Fancy schmancy! I was like “Wow, air conditioning. That would be really nice.” Mine's never worked.
I was considering financing something if I could get a payment around $120-140 a month. Only problem is, I'd be locked in to that payment for several years and my best guess is that this newer car would croack before it was paid off. Plus, where in the hell am I going to find a car that cheap that's actually reliable and that I can finance? Yeah.

Charlie took a half day today to go car shopping but we didn't have much luck finding something to trade in the Santa Fe for. We just figured what-the-hell, we'll see what we can get out of it and get a primary vehicle with really great gas mileage, lower our monthly payment, and pay to have the old Corolla fixed for the time being. We looked at a Toyota Yaris, but they only had one on the lot and they wanted $16k for it. I knew going there that the baseline price for a Yaris was $14k and this one had no bells and/or whistles, plus it already had 300+ miles on it. So why the extra two grand?

Hopefully this will all be sorted out soon as I have no means of transportation unless I want to get up at seven every morning and take Charlie to work, then find a way to get him home in the evenings. Which won't work tomorrow as I have to be at work at 2.